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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Vancouver, Washington

Sometimes when the neighbors hear loud noises, it really is domestic violence or spousal abuse. But sometimes it is just an argument. The law doesn’t care. As soon as the neighbors make that call, the police come, an arrest is made, and suddenly you are not allowed to contact your spouse or children until the case is resolved. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can explore ways to help you get your life back.

I have been defending my clients from domestic violence and other criminal charges for 30+ years, and I can use that experience to help you. When charged with any criminal offense, you probably feel powerless; the government has all the power.

You can count on me, a domestic violence defense attorney in Vancouver, Washington, to provide powerful protection of your rights. Call my law firm now at 888-803-9658 to schedule a consultation.

When Police Become Involved, an Arrest Is Likely

It might be as simple as your neighbor calling the police because they hear loud voices. It doesn’t matter whether it was really a case of domestic assault, or if it was just a simple disagreement between spouses or domestic partners. One phone call from an overly concerned neighbor can cause tremendous disruption to your life.

Once the police are involved:

  • They are very likely to make an arrest.
  • A judge’s no-contact order will likely throw you out of your house and forbid you from contacting your loved ones, spouse and children for the entire time the case is pending. Violating this no-contact order, even if your spouse consents, will be charged as a separate crime and increase the penalties you face.
  • If you are convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, you can lose your right to own a firearm.

At the Law Office of Mark W. Muenster in Vancouver, Washington, I can help get the judge’s no-contact order, restraining order or order of protection rescinded, allowing you to go home and rejoin your family. I can also fight to restore your firearms possession rights.

A Strong Shield Can Be Your Best Defense | | Negotiable Fees

I am dedicated to helping my clients during these difficult economic times. We can negotiate my fees or work out a payment plan if necessary. My Vancouver office is located one block from the Clark County courthouse. Contact me today.

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