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Marijuana Archives

Can Legal Marijuana Market Survive Moratoriums?

Clark County's two remaining commissioners approved a total moratorium on any marijuana businesses, including retail, growing or processing, in unincorporated areas of the county.  The ordinance is like one passed by Pierce County after the state attorney general gave a formal opinion that local  governments could regulate marijuana businesses to the extent of totally banning them despite the state law allowing them.

The End of Medical Marijuana in Washington?

In the wake of news that the first recreational marijuana licenses had been granted, and before the upcoming lottery for retail licenses, come two important Court of Appeals decisions interpreting the medical marijuana laws (MUCA, short for Medical Use of Cannabis Act, RCW 69.51A).

State Liquor Control Board issues rules for Recreational Marijuana Businesses

Last December, in Initiative 502, Washington voters decided to de-criminalize the possession of marijuana in small amounts by adults. The new law set up three categories of businesses to begin a legal market for the purchase of marijuana in Washington. The state Liquor Control Board was given the task of drafting rules for marijuana related businesses. In October, the LCB recently made its rules public. Cities and counties in Washington are now debating what kinds of zoning restrictions there will be for these new businesses.