Criminal Defense Attorney Profile, Vancouver, Washington

If you have been accused of a crime in Vancouver, Washington, you may feel defenseless, like you need someone who can shield you from law enforcement and prosecutors.

From the Law Office of Mark W. Muenster, I have 30+ years of experience defending against charges in many different types of crimes. When charged with a crime, your attorney is the often the only one defending you from your charges, and I have the 30+ years of experience to be the strong shield that you need.

A Distinguished Career

After graduating from Yale and earning my law degree from Boston University, I started practicing law in 1980. My track record of success and professional achievement includes:

  • 30+ years as a trial and appellate lawyer
  • Reforming the criminal system for my clients as a member of the Bench and Bar Committee
  • Active mentoring of younger lawyers in the community
  • Teaching Continuing Legal Education courses
  • Improving the laws of evidence to benefit my clients through the Sealing and Expungement Tax Force
  • Working with State Legislators to ensure a fairer system for people accused of crimes.
  • Working with State Legislators to improve the employment prospects of people with arrest or conviction records, through the WACDL Sealing and Expungement Task Force.

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