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Defending You Against Criminal Charges

You have been arrested and charged with a crime. There might seem like there is nothing you can do, like no one is there to defend you. You are seeking advice from someone who has experience defending clients against criminal charges.

I have spent 30 years as an attorney providing a strong shield for my clients against a wide variety of criminal charges. When you work with my Vancouver, Washington, law firm, you will get the benefit of that experience and diligent representation at a reasonable cost.

Call a Lawyer Immediately

Many people charged with a crime decide to simply plead guilty and move on. But the long-term consequences of a guilty conviction can have a range of negative effects on your life:

  • If you are a hunter, you could lose your right to own a gun
  • You could be denied a job because of the conviction on your record
  • You may spend time in prison
  • You can be forced to pay heavy fines
  • You could lose your drivers license or professional certification

I understand the importance of these consequences on your life, and I have the experience to provide a strong shield against any charges you face. Contact me.

A Criminal Defense Attorney With Experience

I handle many different types of cases, with an emphasis on criminal defense of clients in cases involving:

With 30 years of experience defending clients against criminal charge and vast experience in appeals to higher courts, I understand the criminal justice system. The government has tremendous power and resources to prosecute you. If you have been charged with a crime, I can explain your criminal defense options. I invite you to call my Clark County, Washington, office, or contact me online to schedule a consultation. My fees are negotiable, and payment plans are available.